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1st Basketball Match

To enrich the recreational life of the staff in our factory, and to elaborate the spirit teamwork of the staff, as well as to strength the group cohesiveness between the staff. 1st Basketball match with 3V3 was carrying out in Yingfei GYM on 22th of JUN.

6 teams in red, yellow, green, blue, black, white from R&D, domestic business, oversea business and workshop attended this match. At ordinary time, we are intimate colleagues, but everyone was outputting his best to get each goal and never gave up any chance to get each score. After violent competition for several hours, the Green team from workshop got the champion and Black team also from workshop got the second-place and the red team from oversea business department got the third-place

From Now on, this basketball match would be an opportunity to unite the hearts of the staff ,and  excite the passion of work, keep working out. And put ourselves to the work with strong physique and full spirit, to run and win together with the enterprise.

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